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Patient comments for my Home Visit Podiatry / Chiropody Service

  • "We have our treatment together at home. My husband finds it difficult to travel, so Lucy's mobile service makes our lives easier."
  • "Lucy came and treated my verrucae in the evenings, which really helped as I don't get home from work until 6pm!"
  • Mrs Evans
  • "I find it very difficult to leave the house, so couldn't attend my normal chiropodist anymore, so I was very pleased that Lucy could come to the house to treat me, as my nails were getting very difficult to reach."
  • Mr Clark

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07854 672563

[email protected]

Daytime appointments are available.

  • "I look forward to having my toenails cut by Lucy. She's never in a rush, good conversation and excellent value."
  • Mrs Watkins
  • "Lucy was recommended to me by a friend, and I am very pleased with the treatment I received, and have made it a regular arrangement."
  • Mrs Summers
  • "I think Lucy's service is worth every penny, and unlike other places she takes her time with my treatment."
  • Miss Preston

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